The Robot-Creativity Project


The Robot-Creativity Project seeks to create robots capable of interacting with people with the ultimate goal of boosting their creativity

Creativity is one of the most sought-after skills as we move from industrialized to creative economies. It is known to be an ability that can be stimulated and developed over time. The Robot-Creativity Project aims to use social robots as tools for stimulating creativity. The work performed so far includes the design and fabrication of a minimalist social robot that makes use of creative strategies grounded in psychological theories to boost creativity in children. This robot was developed with and for children, in a constant iterative design process, making use of rapid prototyping techniques. We envision children will use this robot as a toy to play with, providing new ideas for their play time. Idea generation is an important slice of the creative thought as it requires thinking outside of the box, making connections, and going beyond reality constraints – to float into imaginary worlds where everything is possible.

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Samuel Gomes, Beatriz Maia, André Pires, Ankita ChandakAlbert ChuIan CloutierPriyanka Kompella, Peter Moegenburg, Rebecca Cooper