Recent news, awards, and press related content.

[news] August 2018 Accepted to the MIT Media Lab Berlin.

[awards] August 2018 Won the 3rd place for Best Poster and Presentation Award at BMW Summer School. Great to see the interest of BMW in user-experience and human factors’ research.

[news] August 2018 Accepted to the BMW Summer School. A taste of the experience is here.

[news] July 2018 Book chapter is out. “Towards more humane machines: creating emotional social robots” part of the Book “New Interdisciplinary Landscapes in Morality and Emotion” published by Routledge Taylor & Francis Group.

[news] June 2018 Back to Portugal. Finished 3 semesters at Cornell University as a Visiting Scholar in the HRC2 Lab lead by my co-supervisor Prof. Guy Hoffman.

[news] April 2018 Demo outreach of YOLO Robot for the Kids’ Science Day hosted by BRB at Cornell University.

[news] April 2018 Exhibition outreach of YOLO Robot’s design, prototyping, and fabrication process at RAW EXPO from Medium Design Collective. Great opportunity to showcase the process of designing and building that often stays invisible.

[news] March 2018 Accepted to demo YOLO Robot at the HRI’18 in Chicago.

[news] September 2017 Organized the 3rd Summer School on Social Human-Robot Interaction with Tony BelpaemeBram Vanderborght, Serge Thill, and my co-supervisor Ana Paiva.

[news] June-July 2017 Spent 2 months in the Media Innovation Lab at IDC Herzliya in Israel.

[news] June 2017 Accepted at the IDC’17 Doctoral Consortium in Palo Alto, California.

[press] June 2017 Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos (in Portuguese) Reflections about researchers living outside Portugal.

[news] March 2017 Organizing Committee for the HRI Pioneers Workshop, part of the 12th HRI Conference in Vienna, Austria.

[news] February 2017 Started as a Visiting Scholar in the Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Cornell University to work in the HR2C Lab with my co-supervisor Prof. Guy Hoffman.

[news] November 2016 Organizing Committee for the 3rd AI-HRI AAAI Fall Symposium Series in Arlington, VA, USA. I was part of the PC Chair team, responsible for the organization of the Social Sciences track opening for the first time in this highly technical symposium.

[news] May 2016 Goodbye, EMOTE. I had so much fun working together for the EMOTE European project that lasted 3-years.

[awards] March 2016 Our paper “Discovering Social Interaction Strategies for Robots from Restricted-Perception Wizard-of-Oz Studies” won the Best Paper Award in the category of Design at the 11th HRI Conference in Christchurch, New Zealand.

[news] April 2016 Funded The Robot-Creativity Project where social robots will be used as tools to boost creativity in children.

[awards] April 2016 Started my PhD in Human-Robot Interaction. I was awarded an FCT PhD Scholarship to develop my studies in a graduate program between Portugal and the US. I will be studying at ISCTE-IUL and GAIPS Lab in Lisbon (Portugal), and Cornell University in NY (US).

[news] March 2016 Accepted for the HRI Pioneers Workshop part of the 11th HRI Conference in Christchurch, New Zealand.

[press] October 2015 EMOTE was one of the selected European projects to be showcased at ICT 2015 Innovate Connect, Transform with coverage in the Portuguese national TV among SIC Europe (min 1’20) and RTP news (in Portuguese).

[news] August 2015 Accepted to the 2nd Summer School on Social Human-Robot Interaction in Finland. Highlights of the experience in this video.

[news] November 2014 Started collaborating in the PArCEIRO, a project that is all about exploring robots for entertainment.

[news] September 2014 Spent a week at EPFL working at the CHILI Lab lead by Prof. Pierre Dillenbourg.

[news] August 2014 Started collaborating in the Co-writer project, a partnership between GAIPS and CHILI Labs to develop social robots that support children’s handwriting.

[news] June 2014 Organized the workshop on “Child-Robot Interaction: Social Bonding, Learning and Ethics” at IDC’14 in Aarhus, Denmark.

[news] August 2013 Started as a research assistant in the European EMOTE project. We will be developing empathic robotic tutors to support learning in schools. How exciting!

[news] June 2013 Accepted for a Summer Internship at GAIPS Lab in Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon, Portugal. My work will be performing behavior analysis of humans when interacting with social robots.

[news] December 2012 Finished my Master studies in Psychology at Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal.

[news] September 2009 Finished my undergrad studies in Psychological Sciences at ISPA, Portugal.

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