While human beings are incredibly efficient in being creative alone, social creativity is about what we can create together. It resonates with that feeling that when we create something together, it belongs to everyone. However, not many available tools support collective interactions for creativity. CUBUS is a digital tool that was developed to inspire social creativity in children during play.

We live, grow, and learn in groups. But we also create in groups. Social creativity is a distributed process that emerges within groups, enabling joint problem solving and a sense of togetherness when coming up with new solutions. With CUBUS, we promote collective storytelling with children. While using this tool, groups of children build on each others’ ideas to create a story. Additionally, CUBUS includes autonomous virtual agents that serve as characters for the stories, and whose aim is to provoke creativity.

Supervisors: Carlos Martinho, Ana Paiva, Patrícia Arriaga.

Collaborators: André Pires, Raquel Oliveira.

Funding: The Robot-Creativity Project was funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) through the project SFRH/BD/110223/2015 and PTDC/EEISII/7174/2014.